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Audio Dedupe 4.3

Audio Dedupe can find and delete duplicate songs from your computer
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The downside of having a large music collection is that you generally end up having the same song in multiple places on your hard disk. Audio Dedupe was designed to offer an effective solution for this kind of problems.
Audio Dedupe will find all the duplicate files on your hard disk and help you remove them. It uses advanced algorithms so it doesn't need ID3 tags to recognize associated songs even if in different format.
A thing that I liked is that the program uses 3 methods of scanning the songs, thus being able to offer the best results possible. It can acoustically analyze the songs to establish their level of similarity, it will identify identical files by using a binary algorithm and it can also match songs by comparing their size.
One of the biggest drawbacks of Audio Dedupe is that it will not take into account files that are shorter than ninety seconds. If you have a collection that includes a lot of small files, then this program won’t be very helpful.
In my opinion, Audio Dedupe is an effective application that I recommend. It may be a bit more expensive than other programs of its kind, but it will definitely help you out, so it’s worth checking out.

Alice Blest
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  • When the installation process is completed, the application will automatically open a tutorial window in your web browser, to help you quickly understand how to use the program
  • Uses three scan methods
  • User-friendly interface


  • It doesn't process files that are shorter than 90 seconds
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